Class Descriptions

Friday Afternoon Classes

Felted Pumpkins

Room: Lodge Art Room
Instructor:Barb Lyndgaard
Materials fee: $5

The class: You will work with multiple layers of wool in this class to create a decorative fall pumpkin. The process will incorporate both wet felting and needle felting techniques in combination.
Requirements: No pre-requisites or practiced skills are needed. The class is intended for both novice and experienced felters.
You bring: A dish pan or large bowl for water and a towel.

Tablet weaving on a simple frame loom

Room: Lodge Lakeside
Instructor: Rebecca Thingvold
Materials fee: $10 to instructor, who will provide handout and all materials, tablets and frame looms. You can use the tablets and looms in class and during the weekend.

The class: Learn the basics of reading tablet weaving drafts and threading a pattern, then weave a simple band on a frame loom. Tablet weaving is a method of weaving strong, narrow, decorative bands. While the equipment is very simple, the range of patterns is immense. Tablet woven bands are known to have been made in Europe from the Bronze Age up through medieval times, and are still being made in countries such as Turkey and Pakistan. They are enjoying a revival in the craft world and costuming.
Requirements: no experience needed

Layered Tin Thread and Leather Cord Necklace

Room: Chapel Lakeview
Instructor: Katherine Buenger
Materials fee: $35 includes written directions and all materials needed to make ~20″ necklace.

The class: Students will layer tin thread (pewter 4% silver wire wrapped around a cotton core) with leather cord and braid a 5 strand braid to make a necklace finished with a silver plated magnetic clasp. Students will have a choice of leather colors.
Requirements: no pre-requisite skills, no advanced work needed

Blending for Color & Texture – Making Stash Busting Rolags on a Blending Board

Room: Chapel Entry
Instructor: Brenda Dunse
Materials fee: $25 Materials fee for Stash Buster Color & Texture Fiber Kit: includes various fibers types and colors to gain a good understanding of the various color & texture techniques we’ll be learning. You’ll also receive A Stash Buster Color Tip Sheet includes ideas and patterns for utilizing your Stash Buster Colored Rolags.

The class: Discover helpful ways to open up fiber, how-to blend colors, and layer various types of fibers for your custom art projects with a blending board. Who is this class for? It’s for the maker who enjoys exploring with color & texture in their fiber projects. We’ll cover the basic how-to’s of the board & complementing tools you’re most likely to use with your board.
A companion class is offered Saturday afternoon to use the rolags you create.
Then we’ll dig deeper exploring various techniques as we create Stash Busting Rolags on our blending boards. You’ll learn how to load fiber onto your blending board in layers to create various effects in color, shine, and texture.
The blending board is a great tool for preparing fibers for felted projects too. You’ll learn some tips for preparing fibers for felting on your board.
If you’d like to take the class, but don’t have a blending board reach out to me at
Requirements: No Previous experience using a blending board needed for this class.
You bring: Blending board and tools that have come with your board. Such as dowels, brushes tools for packing fibers, flicks, burnishing tools, and carding cloth cleaning. Supplies: zip lock bags and labels to mark and store your samples. If you’d like to take the class, but don’t have a blending board reach out to me at

Pin Loom Patterns

Room: Chapel Tiered Classroom
Instructor: Barbara Skoglund
Materials fee: $5 for written instructions and resource list. Instructor will also bring some yarn for people to try different yarn types and colors.

The class: You’ve made plain pin loom squares on your Zoom Loom or Weave It. The portability and stash busting possibilities of pin loom squares abound.
This class will let you jump from plain weave to patterns that can stand
alone or be used to build larger designs. We will also explore two-color
weaving and other innovative patterns.
Requirements: Experience weaving plain squares on the pin loom with the pins in the group 3 style of the Weave It or Zoom Loom.
You bring: Patterns presented in class will need students to bring a 4″ pin loom with the pins in the group 3 style of the Weave It or Zoom Loom, long
weaving needle, a fork and scissors. Yarn will be provided, or you can
bring two colors of size 4/worsted weight yarn of your choice. This is
not a continuous warp weaving class. Patterns covered will not work
with handheld looms with evenly spaced pins including pot holder looms,
octagonal or rectangular shaped looms, bias or continuous warp looms. If you have questions or wonder if your loom will work with the patterns, contact instructor:

Saturday Full Day Classes

If you choose one of these classes, it will count as BOTH of your two classes. Note that in registration section there will be a part 1, and a part 2 for these classes.

Natural Dyeing Sampler
Full day counts as two classes
This Class is FULL

Room: Lodge Art Room
Instructor: Maddy Bartsch
Materials fee: $16 to instructor who will provide: Organic Cotton Bandana, Calcium hydroxide, Fructose powder, Organic indigo powder, Shibori tools, Printed handouts, Fresh/frozen flowers, Folder with plastic inserts for sample book, Fabric swatches for sample book, Plastic bags for wet swatches

The class: Are you interested in trying out natural dyeing as a means to a more sustainable method of dyeing? Or perhaps you’re looking to achieve a greater spectrum of color with your dyes and as a bonus, you’d like to finally find a good use for all that buckthorn in your yard! In this sampler class we will touch on these topics and more as we explore multiple methods of natural dyeing including eco printing using fresh flowers, the creation of an organic indigo vat from scratch, and dyeing fabric swatches using a locally grown whole-dyestuff vat. This sampler class is designed to give you hands-on experience with some of the more common methods used in natural dyeing while equipping you with the tools to feel confident in planning your next natural dye project at home. All are welcome!
Requirements: No pre-requisite skills required. No advance work.
You bring: One textile good (yarn, fabric, garment, scarf etc.) made of 100% cotton, wool, silk, linen, or hemp (or a combination of those fibers) weighing no more than 6 oz., Apron and rubber gloves, A pair of scissors, Bag to bring home wet items

Introduction to Nålbinding
Full day counts as two classes
This Class is FULL

Room: Chapel Lakeview
Instructor: Melba Granlund
Materials fee: $20, payable to instructor covers the cost of written instructions, hand carved wooden nålbinding needle and practice yarn

The class: Nålbinding is sometimes called knotless netting or Viking knitting and is used to make warm garments like socks, hats, and mittens. While the technique was almost lost and forgotten once knitting was developed, nålbinding has recently developed a resurgence of popularity, due in part to reenactment groups seeking to replicate Viking era traditions.
In this class, you will have an opportunity to learn some of the basic nålbinding stitches that are the foundation of the very old fiber technique. Along with printed materials, finished pieces and pictures of historical garments will be available for hands-on inspection and inspiration.
Requirements: No experience needed

Saturday Morning Classes

Mudra Cuff Bracelet – A beaded knit bracelet

Room: Lodge Lakeside
Instructor: Deb Kerr
Materials fee: $12 for bracelet kits which include:12 yards fingering weight yarn, ~(144) 8/0 seed beads, (12) 6/0 seed beads, dental floss threader for stringing beads, 3-strand sliding clasp & pattern.
If students wish to provide their own materials they could purchase just the pattern for $5.

The class: This fun and soft bracelet is knit from fingering weight yarn strung with glass seed beads. The bracelet is formed from 3 iCords which are attached to a 3-strand sliding clasp. The pattern designer is Laura Nelkin who is known for her knitting patterns incorporating beads. She has a pattern for a Mudra necklace that matches this bracelet.
Requirements: Participants need to be comfortable with the knit stitch.
You bring: 2 double point US2 (2.75mm) knitting needles.

Weft-Twining a Hot Pad
This Class is FULL

Room: Chapel Entry
Instructor: Sandra Benge
Materials fee: $6 for twining loom

The class: You will learn how to make a Twined Hot Pad on a simple loom. After this class you will have the skills to make a Twined Rug.
Requirements: No previous experience needed.
You bring: Scissors and prepared fabric. 2 yds. of fabric, 1 yard each of 2 different colors cut into 2 inch strips.

Memo Pad Basket
This Class is FULL

Room: Chapel Tiered classroom
Instructor: Eve Sumsky
Materials fee: $15 for all materials needed to make your basket.

The class: Weave a fun basket to hold your memo pads and pens. We will start with a 2″ x 6″ oval wood base that has been prepared with the stakes ready to weave. Basic weaving techniques are used. There will be a few color and decorative choices to complete your basket. Dimensions 7 1/2″ x 4″ x 4 1/2″
Requirements: No previous skills needed
You bring: Old towel, tape measure, pencil, heavy scissors or shears, small bucket or dish pan for water, clothes pins or small clamps, awl or small flat screwdriver. Don’t worry if you don’t have some of these tools, teacher will have some tools available for use.

Saturday Afternoon Classes

Needle Felted Gnome Class for Beginners
This Class is FULL

Room: Chapel Tiered Classroom
Instructor: Sue Fruth and Josie Wicker
Material fees: $10 includes all supplies needed. These include hand outs, wool roving, needles, a foam cone shape and foam working surface, miscellaneous items for decoration for the gnomes, and leather finger protectors.

Class: Come and try your hand at needle felting. We will be using barbed needles to “felt” wool roving onto a styrofoam cone shape. The end result will be a unique and popular Gnome, with your choice of extra decorations to personalize it. This class will be for beginners to explore a new creative way with wool. If there is time, we will also introduce needle felting with cookie cutter shapes, an easy and inspiring way to decorate in a short amount of time.
Requirements: No experience necessary.

Spinning for Color & Texture: Making Yarn from Stash Busting Rolags

Room: to be decided
Instructor: Brenda Dunse
Materials fee: If you’re taking Friday’s class there is no additional charge for this class, as it is a continuation class. We will be spinning the rolags we made on Friday in this class. Note: If you’re unable to take Friday’s class and would like to take this class you may purchase A Completed Stash Busting Rolag Kit for $45.00.

The class: This is a follow up class to the Making Stash Busting Rolags on a Blending Board taught on Friday afternoon. In this class we’ll be working with the rolags we made on Friday. Note: If you are unable to take Friday’s class and would like to take this class you may purchase A Completed Stash Busting Rolag Kit.
We’ll discuss the fiber prep known as the rolag. How to spin a rolag – woolen, worsted, or a semi of some sort? Explore the results we get from a variety of drafting methods for spinning rolags.
In keeping our spinning focus on color & texture I’ll share some tips and techniques for spinning your Stash Busting Rolag. Learn to enhance effects of color, shine, and texture in your yarns, which you can use to create your handmade projects.
Requirements: This class requires a basic understanding of spinning and ability to create a usable yarn on a spindle or spinning wheel.
Note: If you’re new to spinning and would like to take the class, but not sure you have the skillset? Contact me ahead of time I’ll help you get the necessary skills mastered so you can enjoy the class with confidence.
You bring: Spinning wheel in a good working condition, 3 empty bobbins. Optional, but helpful a lazy kate, niddy noddy or ball winder. Optional, any tools you’d like for sampling (pin loom, knitting needles, crochet hooks).

Better Bead Knitting with VernaX

Room: Lodge Lakeside
Instructor: Celeste Suter
Materials fee: $17 to be paid to instructor at end of class. Instructor will supply the Verna X beading tool with storage tube, beads and pattern for hat or cowl.

The class: Beads can add another layer of interest to your knitted projects. Do you love the look of bead embellished knit items but find it frustrating? It can be a struggle with yarn snagging on strung beads or tricky finding a way to add them as you knit. Using the Verna X Beading needle, you will learn how to add beads to your knitting effortlessly. And beads added to accentuate your piece with this tool will stay on the front of the work to be seen in all their glory.
Requirements: Students should be able to knit in the round on circulars. Lace knitting experience is helpful for the cowl.
You bring: Students who would like to make the hat should bring a skein of DK weight yarn, 150+ yards and 16” circulars in size 4 & 6 and notions.
For the cowl, 150+ yards Of Semisolid/solid fingering weight yarn, 16” circulars in size 3 & 4 and notions are needed.
Students can contact instructor to purchase Knitting needles if they don’t have them.
Advance work: To get a head start for the hat, CO 110 stitches on size 4 circular, join into round being careful not to twist stitches and work K3, P2 for 1”.  For the cowl, with size 4 circular, CO 126 stitches and join into round without twisting stitches. Work 3 rows as follows; Round 1 Knit, Round 2 Purl, Round 3 Knit.