Federation 2019

October 11 – 13, 2019, the Federation Annual Retreat will again be held at:

Mount Carmel Camp
800 Mount Carmel Drive Northeast
Alexandria, Minnesota

The phones at the camp are 1-800-793-4381 or 1-320-846-2744

Keynote Speaker…

Jane A. Evans
Always More to Explore

Most people build layers of experiences and learning which lead to further explorations, and hopefully to satisfaction and fun. Jane Evans has investigated and savored numerous and diverse methods, structures, and goals in her fiber and art work for almost five decades. There are many layers that intertwine in her years of creative endeavors. This presentation will look at some of those experiences and her subsequent transition from weaving into working with acrylic paint for collages and printmaking. Included will be time for questions and hands-on examination of items.

Jane A. Evans is a landscape artist living among acres of trees and meadows near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her intimate landscapes are distinctive whether in threads or paints, the serenity of each site evocative and inviting.

Starting weaving in 1971, Jane became a Master Weaver, an award-winning fiber artist, taught widely, wrote the book A Joy Forever, Latvian Weaving, and wrote many articles for Handwoven, Weaver’s, and other textile journals. As a penchant for imagery grew she produced over 100 landscapes combining warp-painting, split-shed weaving, and embroidery during a 20-year exploration. (Pictures and more are at www.janeevans.ca.)

By 2012 she needed to expand to create her characteristic images – and to accommodate her joints after 40 years of weaving. Following a significantly transitional studio sale and many experiments, she now concentrates on landscapes made in either mixed-media collages or acrylic paint monoprints.