2020 Status

Dear MN Federation of Handweavers and Fiber Artists,
After careful thought and serious consideration, the team leaders (Karen Peed and Cindy Graff) have decided to postpone the 2020 Minnesota Federation and Fiber Artists retreat until October, 2021.
There are potential dire consequences and major health risks to everyone involved (Federation participants and Mt. Carmel staff) if we hold our retreat in spite of Covid-19 crisis for the current year.
Your safety and well being are our main concerns.
We are such a hands-on group of fiber artists and enthusiasts that safe distancing in all of our “normal” aspects would not be much fun and difficult to achieve.
DID YOU KNOW…2021 will be the 40th annual gathering?!
Have you or do you know someone who has attended all 40 (39) events?
NOW is the time to make our efforts count and make the 40th celebration a super-special positively memorable gathering!
Mt. Carmel has confirmed our dates for October 8-10, 2021.
Please check our website for updates: www.weaveminnesota.com
(Please direct questions to weaveminnesota@gmail.com)
There is always something to be grateful for.
– Co-Coordinators: Karen Peed and Cindy Graff
– Keynote speaker/theme development/challenge: Barb Lyndgaard, Linda Saupe, Julie Hiemenz
– Treasurer: Geri Retzlaff
– Registrar: Dawn Schilling
– Class Coordinator(s): Celeste Grant, Renee Samuelson
– Webmaster: Rebecca Thingvold
– Housing: Celeste Suter
– Hospitality: Theresa Bottelson
– Door Prizes: Ute Zeiss, Wendy Lankii
– Table Decorations: Josie Wicker, Hazel Lutz
– Registration and registration materials: Geri Retzlaff, Helen Stoerzinger, Karen Peed
– Weekend Emcee: Donna Gravesen

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