Keynote; Show & Share

Keynote Speaker

We are honored and super excited to have StevenBe as our Keynote Speaker this year! Steven brings a wealth of experience and sparkle to our fiber endeavors! Check out his website at

“Know Your Colors, Know Yourself”

Longtime knitter and professional yarn whisperer, Steven Berg is here to tell you what your knits and color choices say about you. He will guide you through a quiz that will show you which colors you should be working with to truly represent yourself. 

Bring your favorite fiberart project and share it with Steven for a peek into your personal fiber future– he knows all, sees all, tells all!

What to pack in your knitting bag:

  • A work-in-progress or finished project for show and tell (the desire to be admired is not required—but it is recommended!)
  • A pen or pencil
  • An open mind
  • A notebook or design sketchbook to keep notes

Show and Share

The activity known as “Challenge” has been re-named to “Show and Share“. With eight categories to choose from and no specific theme, this new concept covers a wide range of fiber works everyone can participate in showing what you have been working on. There is no time frame on when you made the item, just that you made it!

You may enter 1 item in up to four (4) categories. Voters will choose one entry per category.

We hope everyone will bring something to show, and of course, there are prizes! Please attach a small card with a short description of your project. Below are all the categories to enter.

  • Hand-Crafted Yarn: Fine, bulky, art, dyed (your hand spun or blanks), any created yarn
  • Hand-Knit or Crocheted Garments: Sweaters, ponchos, capes, shawls, etc.
  • Hand-Knit or Crocheted accessories: Mittens, scarves, socks, bags, blankets, afghans, etc.
  • Woven Garments: Sweaters, ponchos, capes, shawls, etc.
  • Woven Accessories: Mittens, scarves, socks, bags, blankets, afghans, etc.
  • Woven, Knit, or Crocheted Household Items: Table runners, rugs, baskets, blankets, pillows, towels, etc.
  • Hand-Dyed Items: Material, clothing, etc. Must be fiber related
  • Art or Decorative Items: Felted, knit, crocheted, woven; any fiber medium or technique