Challenge and Keynote

Due to the Covid-19 Delta variant infections on the rise, we ask that you be vaccinated and masked when indoors for your safety and safety of others



It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since we could leave the house without thinking about whether or not we had our mask with us! Aren’t you tired  of the boring white or fabric scrap face masks you’ve been using?  Break out of the rut and design something fabulous!  Our challenge this year is to knit, weave, sew and/or decorate a face mask to display at Federation! This isn’t the ordinary protective mask that you’re going to wear – this is going to be a BEDAZZLED mask!  Think Mardi Gras!  Create something amazing!  Use fabric, yarn, sequins, buttons, beads or whatever’s in the craft cabinet if you’d like!  Have fun!  And one day this beautiful and brilliant mask can hang on your wall as a work of art to remind you of the days when you actually had to wear one!

Keynote Speaker

Jeri Olson-McCoy “Weaving Commissions… Trials and Tribulations”

Art has been a part of my entire life, having many artists in my family.  I have dabbled in many different mediums, but as an adult found my interests swaying toward weaving.

My inspirations come from many different places and things – nature, trees in particular, other artists, and life itself.  I experiment with different techniques working mostly with natural fibers because of the feel, drape, textures, and colors, occasionally adding miscellaneous “things” for interest.

I have a BES in Art, with an emphasis in Weaving, from SCSU and completed a Tapestry course at Split Rock Art School through the University of Minnesota.  I have pieces in homes & churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin & Colorado, and California, have worked with Hands Across the World, teach at the Paramount Center for the Arts in St. Cloud, teach privately and am on the Teaching Artists Roster through the Central Minnesota Arts Board.