2024 Classes Are Being Arranged

Two class periods are included in the cost of registration. A class period is one Friday afternoon, one Saturday morning, and one Saturday afternoon. If a class offered covers two periods, for example a Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon, that would be the allowed two class selections you can choose and cannot be separated. At registration, please note they are listed as Part 1 and Part 2; if you sign up for part 1, please sign up for part 2 and not another class.

BUT WAIT…..you can sign up for a third WAIT LIST CLASS! So if you have signed up for 2 class periods and want to take a third, you can sign up for one on a wait list. If the class you selected as your third option does not fill up to the max class number the instructor has indicated, you will be in that class. The instructor will be notified and you will hear from the instructor like any other class. You may not select WAIT LIST for a 2 period class. Please see the “Wait List” option at Registration.

Please make your selections at registration. REMEMBER, your class selection isn’t guaranteed until payment is received.

Friday Afternoon

Saturday Morning

Saturday Afternoon