Teaching and Vendor Submissions

Teaching Submission

If you are interested in teaching a class at our annual retreat, please fill out the form below. Pay is $100.00 per class period; period selections are Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. Each class period is 2 1/2 hours long; so if you would have an all day class (2 class periods), pay is $200.00. If you team teach (2 people), pay for each period taught is 50/50 each.

While we don’t require registration or attendance at the retreat, most instructors do. If you do attend, you would be required to register and pay registration fee (see current fee on Registration page). All lodging and meals are included. You would then be paid for the class or classes you teach. If you do not attend the retreat itself, we pay the instructor fee; we do not pay mileage.

Classroom Options. Please review the classrooms we have available to use and select the best option for your class. We will do our best to accommodate, but may have to move class locations due to numbers, etc.

BuildingDescription FlooringScreen or BoardClose Off
Lakesidetables and chairs for 20 Hard SurfaceWhite BoardYes
Art Room (Canteen)has water in room,
seating at tables for 9,
can add more chairs.
Access to outside
Hard SurfaceNoYes
Librarytables and chairs for 12,
two couches
Dining HallCan use both ends.
Subject to clear for
meal times
Hard SurfaceNoNo
Fireside Loungearea in front of
fireplace, couch seating
for 11.
Can add chairs
Welcome Areacouch seating for 7.
Can add chairs
Hard SurfaceNoNo
Lower Level TieredTiered floor. tables
and chairs for 2.
Seating for 20.
CarpetHas projector and screenYes
Lower Level Lakesidetable and chair seating
for up to 20
CarpetWhite BoardYes
Lower Level Game RoomLarge open space with good natural light. Can accomodate 6-8 tables/chairs CarpetNoNo
Main Level Entry
gathering hall
Large open space,
Chair seating
Hard SurfaceNoNo
Main ChapelIndividual Seating

Lecture style class
AV Equipped

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Vendor Submission

MN Federation allows for vendors throughout the event. Typically, vendors are registered for the event and participate in all the activities planned throughout the weekend such as 2 class selections, meals and lodging. If you are are not registering for the event and would like to be a vendor, please submit your information and it will be considered. All vendors are required to donate a $25.00 value item(s) or more for our event; they are used as door prizes throughout the weekend.

If you are interested in being a vendor at Federation, please submit the form below and we will contact you. While attendance at the retreat is not mandatory, it is typical. Cost of vending is submission of a door prize valued at $25.00 or more.

Vendor Submission